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VSEPS Scientific Forum

VSEPS hosts its Scentific Forum annually in June, bringing together ophthalmologists from across the Commonwealth, offering continuing education for VSEPS members.


VSEPS is honored to partner with ophthalmology programs at Eastern Virginia Medical School, Virginia Commonwealth University and, the University of Virginia, to advance training and continuing education for current and future ophthalmologists throughout their professional journeys.

Coding Courses

VSEPS collaborates with the American Academy of Ophthalmology in offering coding courses for VSEPS members and their staffs.

Other Resources

Other organizations offering educational opportunities for ophthalmologists include:

American Academy of Ophthalmology

Medical Society of Virginia

Staff Training Opportunites


Share your knowledge by presenting at a conference, hosting a forum, submitting a challenging case. You can serve as a mentor or offer training for staff.

You can also educate the public about eye health and prevention by presenting to schools, religious and civic organizations. For more information contact VSEPS.

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